Founded in 2001, the South African Rugby Legends Association is a registered non-profit company (NPC) with two complimentary objectives: Developing rugby at the grassroots level and supporting the needs and interests of Legends.


Legends contribute to our projects thorough coaching, training, fundraising, organising matches and ‘passing on the passion’ of the game. Their enthusiasm for ‘giving back’ to the rugby community is critical to our success. As an organisation, we strive to give them a home base for building careers off the field, supported by the camaraderie, loyalty and shared passion of fellow Legends. Rugby Legends include not only former players, but also all the other hard-working folk who have contributed over so many years; the coaches, administrators, referees, and all those who have supported the sport from the side of the field. Our Legends have access to International Rugby Board certification training themselves; this promotes their own welfare and opens up employment opportunities. Legends also participate in local and international tours under the SARLA banner. Rugby clubs across the country are supported by Legends who contribute toward their individual community projects.


VUKA Rugby is a partnership between the South African Rugby Legends (SARLA) and the South African Rugby Union (SARU). The league is fully-endorsed by SARU and forms part of their National Development objectives. VUKA Rugby is a sustainable rugby programme developed by SARLA and aimed at the evolvement and promotion of rugby in disadvantage communities and areas where it is not being played. VUKA rugby is in line with the National objectives of the Minister of Sport, Fikile Mbalula, of bringing rugby to the masses on a National level. It is a programme which runs for the entire season and 2013 is the fifth successful year that it has been in operation.


Our development projects, under the name of VUKA, focus on young players in disadvantaged communities who have traditionally been excluded from structured rugby training and grassroots level competition.




Sport has the power to inspire young people and transform lives. This is the central idea that prompted Princess Charlene of Monaco to launch a Foundation that would work to end death and disease caused by water fatalities.


Since I launched my Foundation in 2012, we have reached over 300 000 people in 33 countries, teaching them to swim, to learn essential water safety skills, and to appreciate the values of sport that are so dear to me. Every year, approximately 360 000 people lose their life to drowning. The tragedy is that over 90% of these deaths are in low and middle income countries and children under the age of 5 are at the greatest risk. Each life lost changes a family forever – but many of these deaths are avoidable, which is why I began the Foundation.

In the ‘Learn to Swim’ and ‘Water Safety’ programmes, my Foundation teaches school-age children swimming and water safety skills and trains bystanders in rescue and resuscitation. Central to the ‘Sport and Education’ programme is the fact that sport has the power to inspire young people and transform lives. Teaching children essential life-saving skills and the values of discipline, team-work and respect for oneself and others will enable them to lead safe and fulfilled lives.

I am determined to reduce deaths by drowning across the world. Together, we will save lives – one person, one family, one community at a time.

– Her Serene Highness, Princess Charlene of Monaco

The Foundation focuses

on the fact that drowning is a preventable epidemic which predominantly affects children and youth. In the five years since its inception in 2012, the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation has established 149 projects in 33 countries, reaching nearly half a million people, mostly children. These programmes raise awareness about the crucial issue of water safety and teach people to swim. The Foundation also uses the transformative power of the positive values of sport by giving children access to a variety of sporting disciplines through its Sport and Education initiatives, which include providing financial support to talented athletes who lack the funds to realise their dreams.

In South Africa, the Foundation has implemented projects in Cape Town, KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng, many of which reach out to underprivileged youth and teach them how to enjoy the benefits of sport in a safe and controlled manner. Thus far, the Foundation has worked with thousands of South African youth and through the efforts of the SA chapter of the Foundation, many more young lives will benefit. The valuable work of the Foundation also extends to children from disabled communities, who are often marginalised and neglected.

You Can Support The Princess Charlene Of Monaco Foundation By Donating To Their Programmes Or Collaborating With Them.



The Atlas Foundation exists to help deprived children work towards a better future through rugby communities and initiatives.

It is a launchpad for good and provides a platform that funds international projects that have a tangible impact on the daily lives of deprived young people.

Through feeding and education programmes and a large number of rugby initiatives, the Atlas Foundation provides safety, education, food, sport, guidance and community to thousands of children across five continents.

The work is led by the core rugby values of Integrity, Hard Work and Respect, and the Atlas Foundation is committed to getting practical help directly to those who need it. So far over £1 million has been raised, and over 50,000 children have been supported.

“After seeing the outstanding charity work done by rugby players and the rugby family here and overseas, we knew that we wanted to find a way to add our weight to their efforts, to improve the lives of disadvantaged people across the world”.   Jason Leonard OBE

We believe all children should feel safe, have their needs met and have the opportunity to thrive. But millions of children across the world don’t.

We are lucky to be part of a sporting community with strong leaders, great teammates and good friends. We believe that through togetherness we can do great things.

Our love for rugby union first brought us together, but the desire to do good through our shared values is what drives Atlas forward. It transcends the game.

We value integrity; openness and striving to do things the right way. This drives our pursuit of collaborators and projects that are true and transparent, and helps guide the children we work with to learn to make good decisions in life.

We value hard work; discipline, never settling, and teamwork. We work hard and lead by example, so that given the right conditions, children see that they can work hard for themselves.

We value respect; for others and for people’s differences. But above all, for the young people we help.

We are lean in structure, strong decision makers, and efficient in getting help directly to people in need. Wherever and whatever is needed.

To help the world’s most deprived children in a meaningful way, we believe in long term, local commitment, free from corruption. Providing stability, governance and support, Atlas is a platform for that to happen.

So if you’re a donor, volunteer, project leader or beneficiary, we make you this promise: we will do everything in our collective power to live our values, be a launchpad for good and provide a platform that helps children work towards a better future.

Join us.

The Atlas Foundation

Providing children with a chance to thrive



The idea of IRONMAN 4 the Kidz Charity Trust began when the founders realised that they could raise money for children by participating in the first full IRONMAN South Africa in 2005. Even though a 3.8KM SEA SWIM; 180KM BIKE; 42.2KM RUN does seem like a daunting task “raising funds for the children is a great motivator” says Stephenson. With many new and loyal sponsors, athletes and the public who get behind our annual charity initiative we continue to believe that “ Anything is possible” and our yearly goals will be achieved.


With the IRONMAN 4 the Kidz Charity Trust being a registered non profit organization and having social responsibility to 20 children’s charities, there is no limit to the amount of your donation. All funding received is used directly to improve the life and needs of the kids in the NPO’s we support. Funding pledged is recorded, accumulated and added to the goal, with distribution happening annually. Please open your hearts and budgets to support this worthy cause. Your support will help us make a difference to the kids in South Africa.


The 2020 charity objective is to once again present a “Win-Win” scenario for the sponsors, the organizers, the athletes and most importantly for the children we assist. The Trust is appealing to athletes to secure a sponsorship or raise the funds independently to cover the cost of a charity slot and participate in “Lumo Orange” at one or more of these popular IRONMAN tri-events. With the great supp offered the charity has been able to secure and distribute in excess of R20 million to assist those in need.


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